MSNBC Gives Grinch Trump A Big Lump Of Coal In His Stocking With This Christmas Carol


Wednesday morning, most of America woke up to some pretty terrible news: Taxes for 85 million of us are going up, and taxes for the super-rich are going down. It’s like a Republican Christmas wish come true! For them, of course. For the nation, it will be a nightmare trying to figure out how to pay for these Scrooges’ massive deficit increase without killing low-income sick people and booting the World War Two generation out into the streets.

So, understandably, we were all just a little desperate for something to cheer us up today, during a holiday season that has been marred by politics in a way we haven’t seen in decades.

Thankfully, the fine folks at Morning Joe, the Scarborough/Brzezinski-led talk show on MSNBC, had just such a treat for us as we shook off the sugarplum fairies of sleep and got ready to face the day at our Bob Cratchit-like jobs. Instead of starting the morning with reheated coffee from yesterday’s pot and a newspaper full of how well the stocks we aren’t invested in are doing, America got to tune in to a delightful mash-up of Donald Trump bing-bonging along to the tune of “Carol of the Bells,” with a fitting flourish at the very end.

Whoever their editor is, I’d like to send them a Christmas card. The show tweeted, “A little bit of holiday cheer from the President to you”:

Now, that’s good for a laugh and all, but we wouldn’t want to ruin the song forever for you by associating it permanently with the Jolly Old Jerkwad in the Oval Office, so here’s another version to purge all of that unsightly orange binging and bonging out of your head:

Okay, now we can get back to work.

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Featured image via IIP Photo Archive/Flickr