Mueller Monday: Special Counsel Now Has Trump Ally’s Computer And Phones


We predicted earlier that another shoe was about to drop, probably because Donald Trump seemed even more unhinged than usual this morning. And we were right, not that we’re bragging or anything (we’re bragging). As it happens, special counsel Robert Mueller now has Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s computer and phones as part of the Russia probe, according to ABC News. By the way, Mr. Prince is Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s brother.

“As Mr. Prince told the Daily Beast he has spoken voluntarily with Congress and also cooperated completely with the special counsel’s investigation, including by providing them total access to his phones and computer,” a spokesperson for Prince told ABC.

“Mr. Prince has a lot of opinions about the various investigations, but there is no question that they are important and serious, and so Mr. Prince will keep his opinions to himself for now and to let the investigators do their work,” the spokesperson for the controversial military contractor continued. “All we will add is that much of the reporting and speculation about Mr. Prince in the media is inaccurate, and we are confident that when the investigators have finished their work, we will be able to put these distractions to the side.”

Prince’s spokesperson didn’t clarify as to which media reports are inaccurate. There are so many, some of which point to Prince arranging a nefarious meeting during the campaign, and also appearing to have lied in sworn testimony to Congress. The report, though, about Prince holding a secret meeting to establish a back-channel line of communication between Moscow and then-president-elect Donald Trump is pretty damning. And now, Mueller can confirm through Prince’s electronics if any of the aforementioned is accurate.

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Image via DSN’s gallery.