MUST SEE: Chris Cuomo’s Segment Goes Off The Rails As GOP Rep. Launches Conspiracy Theories


Desperate to protect a man they suspect is guilty of all sorts of crimes, Congressional Republicans have been twisting themselves in knots as they try to provide cover for Donald Trump in the Russia investigation.

One of the most ardent Trump defenders, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), was a guest on CNN Wednesday morning, and wasted no time resurrecting the already debunked memo released by Devin Nunes (R-CA), telling host Chris Cuomo the FISA warrant obtained by the FBI to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was illegal:

“The FBI doing what they did, taking a campaign document, dressing it all up as legitimate intelligence and presenting it to a FISA court, a secret court to get a secret court to spy.”

Cuomo quickly reminded Jordan that he had no proof of his allegations:

“You don’t know that’s what happened. You do not know what happened in that FISA application. You keep calling it secret court which is not fair to the American people.”

As Jordan became more agitated by the second, he began talking over Cuomo, who finally put the Trump apologist in his place with this:

“I don’t understand why you’re willing to die on this hill, Jim Jordan. This insatiable appetite to paint the FBI as dirty and trying to manipulate the election … it just reeks of false equivalency.”

Jordan could only reply:

“Everyone sees the fix was in.”

It certainly was, but not in the way Jordan and his fellow Republicans would have you believe. The FBI was investigating Russian interference in an American election, which is their job. Warrants were issued as part of that investigation. We know with absolute certainty that Russia did indeed try to influence the 2016 election; there is no doubt about that.

The “fix,” however, is in the continued refusal of Donald Trump and the majority of the GOP who are trying to derail Robert Mueller’s investigation of who did what and who should be charged.

It’s been said before, but it needs to be repeated: Innocent people don’t act this way!

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Image via screen capture.