Nazi Saluting Woman Trump’s Son Said Is A Bernie Supporter Identified As A Tea Partier


The Internet is abuzz with a false rumor which was circulated by Donald Trump, Jr. The son of the GOP front-runner smeared a Bernie Sanders supporter, then deleted his tweet which falsely named Portia Bulger as a woman giving a Nazi salute at a Trump rally.

This is the picture that took the Internet by storm with a woman proudly giving the Nazi salute.

But it is not this woman.

Trump supporter Birgitt Peterson of Yorkville was seen in a picture giving the Nazi salute while arguing with protesters March 11, 2016, outside the UIC Pavilion after the rally for the Republican presidential candidate was canceled, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Peterson is a Tea Partier, not a Sanders supporter.

It went down like this. Trump Jr, retweeted from a white supremacist account. Apple, tree, etc.

Little Green Footballs took a screenshot of Junior’s tweet.














The lie has already been circulated by various sources, including right wingnut actor James Woods. His tweet is still active.

Portia has been busy.

In 2000, the Chicago Tribune reported:

For Peterson, 54, local politics have been a way of life since he moved to Yorkville in 1976. Early on, he and his wife, Birgitt, complained about an airport and gravel pits proposed nearby. Then, Birgitt Peterson started the Yorkville TEA Party, or Taxpayers’ Education Association, to push for a tax cap.

She is a tea partier, not a Sanders supporter. They are in direct contrast of each other. And now, Brigitt Peterson’s picture proudly giving the Nazi salute will be on the Internet forever, identifying her as a Hitler-lover.

No matter how many false rumors they circulate on the Internet, the truth is still the truth. Donald Trump Jr, retweeted from a white supremacist’s account falsely identifying a Bernie Sanders supporter, when in fact, the woman is a supporter of his father’s. There’s some irony in this somewhere.