Nine-Year-Old Boy Opens Lemonade Stand To Help Pay For Grandfather’s Cancer Treatment


If you ever needed convincing that we need a single-payer health care system, this has got to be it. If not, then you’re a subhuman pile of maggot-infested garbage.

In an attempt to help pay for his grandfather’s bills after being diagnosed with third stage colon and rectal cancer, nine-year-old Angel Reyes has opened up a lemonade stand outside of his New Mexico home in Las Cruces. That’s right. To help his grandfather, a child has opened a business and is working to help pay. That’s where we’re at America. Be ashamed.

Fortunately though, people are coming through. Angel has raised $5,025 through his GoFundMe page. Also, several individuals showed up to his lemonade stand to support him. One woman said, “It really touched my heart, and I decided to come out here and support him and what he’s doing for his grandfather. It really touched my heart.” Another nine-year-old boy gave Angel a $1,000 check which he raised with the help of Cancer Aid Resource & Education Inc.

Reyes explained his grandfather has stage T3 colon cancer and recently had surgery to have a 9-inch tumor removed.  His mother said she was proud of him.

“He just wants to help his grandpa in any way that he can, and for a nine year old, this is the best idea he could think of, and I’m so proud of him for doing it.”

She also said it’s helped Angel’s outlook on life and has brought him and his grandfather closer.

Featured image via GoFundMe page.