‘Not-Racist’ Oklahoma City Workers Want To Cancel ‘N****r Day’ And Honor MLK’s Assassin Instead


A bunch of city workers in Green County, Oklahoma are in hot water after someone secretly recorded their thoughts on Martin Luther King Day.

Michael Wittmer, an employee in the city of Warner, says he had been recording meetings for some time because very little work actually gets done, but what he recorded on Monday was so shocking that he had to make it public.

“Do we get Martin Luther King day off?” a man asks in the recorded audio.

“No n*gger day off for us,” another man replies.

“We’re off for n*gger day?” the first speakers asks again, leading to another’s reply: “Yeah, it says a holiday, take a holiday.”

“I’m not celebrating n*gger day,” another gentleman says. “But we just call it J.E.R. day……James Earl Ray.” This statement that King’s assassin should instead be celebrated is accompanied by laughter.

“Not that we don’t like black people,” someone says, adding the usual “I’m not racist BUT” statement that typically accompanies racist sh*t. “I’m not racist, that just what it’s called here.”

According to Wittmer, the speakers are high-ranking city employees.

The city of Warner called an emergency meeting to address this latest example of “not-racism” to go public. You can hear it yourself below:

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Image via Frank Dandridge (Time & Life Pictures)