Nunes: I Never Read The Material Which I Say Contain ‘Abuses’ In FISA Documents (VIDEO)


For the last week, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been pushing the lie that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is full of treasonous criminals looking to undermine and take down the Trump Administration. In order to push this narrative into the general public’s psyche, Nunes has been pushing for the release of a memo that the entire intelligence community has been saying they have, quote, “grave concerns” about releasing when it comes to national security. Nonetheless, Nunes and his GOP House colleagues voted to release it anyway, and of course Trump signed off on it.

Well, it seems that Nunes knows not what he speaks of. The memo turned out to be a total dud, and there was no criminal activity alleged therein. Of course, that didn’t stop Nunes from going on Trump’s state-run propaganda network Fox News and selling that line of bullshit anyway. He babbled to Fox’s Bret Bair:

“I have an obligation to the American people when we see FISA abuseThese are secret courts that exist to target foreigners to catch terrorists and the American citizens that are represented before this court have to be protected. The only place that can protect them is the U.S. Congress when abuses occur.”

There’s just one problem, though: It seems that Nunes has never so much as laid eyes on the documents in question, so there’s no way in hell he even knows what he is talking about. The lying Congressman was forced to admit as much on live television as well:

“The agreement we made with the Department of Justice was to create a reading room and allow one member and two investigators to review the documents. I thought the best person on our committee will be the chairman of the Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy, because he had a long career as a federal prosecutor. They would come back with their notes and brief the rest of the committee members.”

This whole bizarre episode proves one thing: The Trump Administration and the GOP Congress are incapable of governing. Combine this rank ignorance and incompetence with their insatiable thirst for power – even at the expense of the health of the republic – and we have a very dangerous problem on our hands America. The bottom line is this: The wrong people are in power. Get to the polls in November and vote these bums out before it’s too late.

Watch this insanity below:

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