One Of Laura Ingraham’s Few Remaining Advertisers Just Dumped Her


One of Laura Ingraham’s remaining advertisers just cut ties with the acidic conservative host who mocked Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg for being rejected from a few colleges, despite his 4.2 GPA. Red Lobster told The Wrap on Thursday that it has ended its sponsorship of Ingraham’s Fox News show.

“Red Lobster is no longer advertising during Laura Ingraham’s show,” the company said in a statement. This marks the 26th sponsor to abandon Ingraham’s show.

Ingraham abruptly went on vacation, which she took after a boycott ensued following her tweet. Hogg called for a boycott of advertisers on Ingraham’s nightly show, and before she went on vacation, 16 of them had pulled their sponsorship, but since then, quite a few more advertisers have dumped her, and now the list has grown even more.

On Tuesday, Blue Apron and Slimfast joined the exodus to distance their companies from Ingraham.

Sinclair broadcasting personality Jamie Allman was targeted with a boycott after he threatened to anally rape Hogg with a hot poker. Allman was ultimately forced to resign.

I have a novel idea! How about encouraging teenagers, especially when they’re seeking to get an education, instead of disparaging them. Also, quit slamming kids who just went through a horrifying experience. Ingraham said that Hogg was ‘whining’ over the college rejections (he was not whining at all). Ingraham is the only person whining.

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Image via Fox News.