Ooops! Trump Tweets About GOP’s ‘Failed Obamacare Replacement,’ Gets Clobbered On Twitter

Trump approval tanks over repeal of Obamacare

Trump has no idea how to write a decent tweet

President Donald Trump has inadvertently stepped into the “ooops department” yet again, by accidentally condemning the GOP’s replacement for the Affordable Care Act. The replacement hasn’t been approved yet, but Trump tweeted this:

He was probably trying to say that the Republican Senators were doing whatever they could to scrape enough votes together for their replacement of what he has previously dubbed “the failed Obamacare.”

Nevertheless, The Huffington Post and Twitter users were quick to notice.

Trump applies elbow grease to GOP, Pence

Trump’s “wordings” are frequently colorful, and he’s using them to put a bit of pressure on Vice President Mike Pence and those “wonderful Republican Senators to do what is right for the people.”

Republicans have tried for more than seven years to replace Obamacare, and on Thursday they introduced yet another healthcare bill, Fox News reports, but there’s a good chance this bill won’t go through either, because they have already lost two crucial votes. And that means there’s no more to spare because the Republican Party is divided enough over this bill to jeopardize its passage.

One thing is for certain, however — whatever the fate of this bill happens to be, Twitter users will undoubtedly have something to say about it.

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