Papa John’s Somehow Blames Declining Sales On NFL Players Kneeling During National Anthem


Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter is blaming black athletes who choose to kneel instead of stand during the national anthem in silent protest of racial inequality and police misconduct for his declining sales. He’s not blaming the fact that he’s a raging right-wing arsehole or that tomato paste on a ritz cracker tastes better than his pizza. It’s the protesters!

Former Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Deadbeat) agrees with Papa John, but the facts don’t.

We’re wondering if John considers himself to be ‘pro-life.’

Papa John’s is a major NFL advertiser. In 2012, Schnatter announced his decision to cut employees’ hours and raise pizza prices—while blaming Obamacare — despite the fact that his profits increased by 25 percent. He also hosted a fundraiser for Mitt Romney, who, by the way, implemented a similar health care plan for his state while he was governor.

Schnatter, a billionaire, also donated to Donald Trump’s campaign. He told Business Insider he believes the Trump administration should be given a chance.

The management at one of the Papa John’s locations forced employees to work after they were robbed at gunpoint.

We’re sure he’ll blame his ONE-star rating on on black athletes, too.

Personally, I like Mellow Mushroom pizza and it comes without a side of right-wing politics.

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