Pence And Cruz Snuck Some Insane Anti-Abortion Language Into Gop Tax Bill Last Night

This is outrageous


The new GOP tax bill is worse than we originally thought. The bill was presented in a secretive late night session, and was passed early this morning with many Republican Senators voting for a bill that they had not even had the chance to read. Every Democrat in the Senate voted against the bill, with every member of the GOP but Sen. Bob Corker from Tennessee voting for it to pass.

Senate Democrats, who had waited all day Friday to receive a copy of the new bill so that they could read it, were furious when the 479 page bill—which had illegible changes hand-scribbled in the margins—was presented to them with little to no time to read prior to the vote. Senator Jon Tester (D., MT) posted a video to Twitter with footage of the outrageous bill, calling it ‘Washington , D.C. at its worst’:



According to Omar Vaid, the Democratic candidate for Congress in 2018 in New York’s 11th district, one of the things the GOP snuck into its last-minute changes to the bill was language that undermines Roe v. Wade by giving an unborn child status as a legal person for tax purposes. Vaid tweeted:


Unfortunately, Vaid’s findings are probably just the first of many blows that Americans will receive today as we struggle to make sense of the outrageous bill Republicans forced through the Senate while we were asleep.

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Featured Image via screen capture