President Bedbug McBugFace Kicks Off His Morning By Denying Bedbug Infestation At His Resort Again


Donald Trump on Monday used the G7 Summit to launch a bid to host the event next year at his Trump National Doral Miami Golf Resort. Apparently, the Emoluments Clause doesn’t mean anything anymore as he initiated an infomercial-style pitch to promote his falling Florida golf resort that has been losing money. But, Trump’s resort where he wants world leaders to gather next year appears to have had a bedbug problem. It’s public record, but Donald has been vociferously denying that fact in his Twitter timeline anyway.

Last night, the former reality show star continued to deny the reports, calling it ‘made up.’

Then, on Wednesday morning, the ‘president’ launched another tweet to deny the actual events.

Twitter users lashed back at ‘tough guy’ Donald Trump.


And this:

Even though the resort settled a guest’s lawsuit alleging a bedbug infestation in 2017, Trump blamed suggestions of the pests on a left-wing smear – and that, of course, pissed off the victim. According to state records, it’s not just bedbugs. From 2013 to 2018, government inspectors logged 524 health code violations at the Doral, including “live roaches” and “small flying insects” in the kitchen area; inspectors recommended closing it down temporarily. We suppose that’s fake news, too.

Facts still matter, Mr. President Stable Genius sir!

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Featured image via screen capture.