President Stable Genius’ Admin Managed To Misspell ‘Union’ On SOTU Tickets


Conservatives have a pretty well-established reputation for spelling like a six-year-old raised in the wilderness who has never seen a book before, but they wouldn’t be so stupid as to neglect to spell check the official tickets to the State of the Uniom address. Would they?

Would they?

Unfortunately, they would, and that “Uniom” you see up above definitely isn’t a typo — well, it is, but not our typo.

This may seem like a joke, but Politico confirms that the ticket is real. In this case, despite his numerous, numerous, numerous misspelled tweets, The Donald isn’t directly responsible for this f*ckup. That honor belongs to House Sergeant at Arms Paul D. Irving, who is responsible for printing the tickets.

This latest of the Trump administration’s blunders is delaying distribution of the tickets, which now have to be fixed — after all, we can’t have people finding out that yet another member of the Trump administration can’t spell to save his life, can we? It would be very embarrassing for Trump and his administration if photos showing the tickets were to make their way to Twitter for everyone to see and share. Right?

Unfortunately for Trump, photos did make their way public — and naturally, everyone is laughing about this:

At this point, we as Americans are forced to wonder if a single day will go by in which we are not embarrassed by our President* and his cronies.

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Image via screen capture.