Rabid Trump Supporter Beaten After Trolling Anti-Fascist Protesters At Demonstration (VIDEO)

Caplan is a Trump supporter
Trump supporter Howard Caplan surveys the damage after he was allegedly attacked by anti-fascism protesters. Featured image via Twitter

Howard Caplan, a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter was beaten up Sunday by anti-fascism activists during a political demonstration in Philadelphia Sunday.

This Trump supporting conspiracy theorist got himself owned this time

The 48-year-old rabid Donald Trump supporter gained notoriety when he interrupted a Christmas mass to rant about “Pizzagate” last December, Raw Story reports. “Pizzagate” was a slogan made famous by Alex Jones and his nutball InfoWars site and Caplan backs a number of ridiculous theories promoted by the Trump-loving broadcaster. And he gained additional notoriety by carrying a “Hillary 4 prison” sign all over the country.

This time around, he was at a protest where he protested the protesters who were calling for Trump’s impeachment, the Philly Voice reports. And this apparently didn’t sit well with the protesters.

Caplan said he was attacked by three men and claimed they were from Antifa. He added that the men asked him “in a really nice way” about the Trump 2020 sign he was carrying to troll the protesters with.

“Next thing I know I’m on the ground,” Caplan told the Voice. “Felt like they hit me in the head with a bottle. They were stomping me a bit while I was fighting them off. They scattered. I looked around, disoriented, thought they stole my backpack but they didn’t.”

His attackers ran off, and Caplan chased one attacker whom he said was “fat” and asked bystanders to call police.

“There was a transit cop there, and I yelled ‘f*cking get him!” Caplan said. “Fat boy got caught. I recognized the other guy because of the shirt he was wearing. I noticed it earlier in the day. They both got caught and so did the third one.”

Three people were arrested, said Philadelphia police: Daniel Viera, 32; Christopher Sheerin, 33; and Shawn Menne, 40. Although the arrests were made in the area where Caplan was attacked, he said these weren’t the men who attacked him.

According to police, Viera struck an officer from behind while Sheerin was being arrested, and Menne was arrested for allegedly punching a Trump supporter in the face.

Police say Menne had two flares and a plastic bag of potassium chlorate.

“The other arrests are from a different case, but I saw them catch all three that jumped me,” Caplan said. “The detectives came to Hahnemann (hospital) to get details. It’s more complicated than the other case since they didn’t see the incident.”

Caplan suffered a black eye and a scratched cornea from the attack and received six staples in his head.

Trump supporters have created plenty of hate

Surely Caplan must have known that by carrying a “Trump 2020” sign that he was going to attract attention at the protest and we need to remember the president’s racist supporters are far from innocent. Trump has fueled their hate with his own rhetoric and encouraged violence in people. He’s even said he would like to punch one of his protesters “in the face,” at one of his rallies. And who can forget the instance in which a black protester was sucker-punched by one of Trump’s supporters at a rally in March?

So I don’t feel sorry for Caplan.  Every one of us should have a right to protest, but there’s always the potential to be hurt, especially if you antagonize the other side by carrying a stupid sign. Caplan can express his outrage, but it was inevitable that those who oppose fascism might get fed-up enough to strike back.

Trump supporters have been fanning those flames for a long time.

You can watch what happened in the two videos below.

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