Racist, Sexist Marvel Comics Artist In Hot Water Over Bigoted Tweets


A Marvel Comics artist is in hot water after a number of dumbass things he said on Twitter and in a dumbass interview defending himself against people who criticized him for the dumbass things he said in his tweets.

“X-Men are closer to Jews” (this is where he should have stopped) “in SJW Hitler’s Germany fighting for freedom because they see ideologues rising, silencing them, weaponizing hate, racism and socialism against the people they claim are the root of social ills,” Malin tweeted on Sunday after someone called him out on his complaint about “SJW insertion of identity politics into mainstream comics,” adding that “SJWs are not Nazis but Nazis are SJWs and X-MEN aren’t SJWs.”

“SJW” — or “social justice warrior” — is a derogatory term regularly used by “alt-Right” (a synonym for Nazi) people to describe those who fight against injustices like racism and sexism.

In an interview Monday morning (or Sunday night, depending on time zone), Malin described “SJWs” as people who “use less than noble means” to “silence” their opposition by calling them racist when they say racist things and “weaponize hate” against “clearly straight white men.”

According to Malin, “social justice warriors” have “a socialist agenda” because they consider “fighting the patriarchy” to be of higher priority than “uh, running a businesses[sic] and, uh, let’s see, uh oh but uh, the comparison to Germany would have been that by weaponizing racism and hatred towards a group” like “white people…”

At this point, he trails off and tells us how “disloyal” SJWs are because they will “put a knife in the back” of anyone who disagrees with them ideologically.

The hatred of white people, according to Malin, is just like what the Nazis did to “the Jews.”

Malin then explained that women deserve to make 75 cents on the dollar compared to what a man makes because they “take time off when they have pregnancies” and “don’t tend to take heavy construction jobs that pay $20 an hour.”

“There’s no women out there doing it, no women,” Malin says. “They’re welcome. They just don’t want those jobs.”

“Glad to expose the vipers nest that is the growing SJW infestation of this industry that is killing creative voices that politically difer, afraid to take creative chances for fear of the slightest offense including attacking a 95 YO Stan Lee & closing comic shops everywhere,” Malin angrily tweeted before his interview.

Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee is accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment but denies the allegations.

Malin’s remarks — all of them — are so shocking that some wondered if Marvel is “hiring directly from Trump’s headquarters.”

As far as Trump goes, Malin shares many of the same beliefs as President Stable Genius, but only says that he doesn’t dislike The Donald — oh, and he wants to see Trump boss Captain America around:

Unfortunately for Malin, he missed his opportunity during the brief and unpopular time when “Cap” betrayed America and became a member of Nazi supervillain group Hydra.

It’s unclear if Mr. Malin will have a job as backlash grows, but since they fired a Muslim artist for including the number of a verse from the Qur’an that identifies Christians and Jews as “allies of one another” in his artwork, he’d better fucking not.

Malin, for the record, agreed with the Muslim artist’s termination:

Marvel should listen to Malin’s advice and fire him to “properly curtail events like this.”

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