Republican Lawmaker Claims Not Supporting Trump Is Just Like Committing Adultery

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Apparently not voting for Trump is akin to cheating on your wife! According to CNN, GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota made this simile in a radio interview while discussing his Democratic opponent Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

Cramer stated:

Here’s the good news about Donald Trump: Most of the time, he’s for North Dakota, and that’s my point where I’ve heard her say, ‘Gee, I voted with him 55% of the time.’ Can you imagine going home and telling your wife, ‘I’ve been faithful to you 55% of the time?’ Are you kidding me? Being wrong half the time is not a good answer.

Yeah, I’m not sure how that adds up either. You could be wrong 100% of the time and vote for and agree with Trump. Crazy concept, I know. We all know he isn’t for anyone but himself when it comes to the U.S.- look at his idiotic tweets and stupid remarks about various countries across the world. The man sided with white supremacists and has managed to encourage them to run for political office.

Also, let’s not forget: cheating on his wife is Trump’s MO. I suppose Cramer didn’t think much about that when he made that comment. How embarrassing for him!

Cramer stated in an email:

I was clearly talking about Heidi Heitkamp’s attempt to hide from her voting record by claiming she supports the Trump agenda. Voting in the best interests of North Dakota 50% of the time is nothing to celebrate. One vote does matter in the US Senate. She voted against tax reform. She voted to fund sanctuary cities. She even voted to allow late-term abortions. These are not North Dakota’s values.

Heaven forbid a Democrat support all of those things! Obviously, they are the values of some in North Dakota or she wouldn’t have won that seat in the first place.

Heitkamp’s campaign fired back, saying,” Loyalty to North Dakotans ought to come first every time — that’s what Heidi believes, but Congressman Cramer believes that being a faithful vote for President Trump and his party are more sacred than the interests of North Dakota families.”

It sounds like Senator Heitkamp is the only one with a brain and her own thoughts in this race.

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