Republican Lawmaker’s Siblings Slam Their Brother, Throw Support Behind His Democratic Opponent


Democratic House candidate David Brill unveiled a series of ads at a fundraiser on Thursday, featuring his opponent’s siblings who oppose his bid for reelection while accusing their brother, a four-term Congressman, of being a racist, according to the Phoenix New Times. Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings gave video testimonials, which will soon be featured on TV soon, throwing their support behind Brill who hopes to unseat Gosar in Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District.

It’s pretty damning when even your family members can’t stand you.

Six of Gosar’s brothers and sisters — Tim, Jennifer, Gaston, Joan, Grace, and David — denounced his views on policies such as immigration and health care, adding that their brother’s positions have effectively torn their family apart.

“It would be difficult to see my brother as anything but a racist,” Grace Gosar said in one of the ads.

The Gosar siblings have taken issues with their brother’s conspiracy theories, and his hardline views. They are now estranged from their older brother who is a loyal Trump defender.

In 2014, one of his brothers, Pete Gosar, ran for governor of Wyoming as a Democrat.

“None of us are doing this for publicity. None of us even want to do it,” David Gosar told the outlet. “He just doesn’t appear to be well,” he added.

On one of the ads, Gosar’s siblings said that their brother’s hostility to immigrants is troubling to the family. Jennifer Gosar denounced her brother’s treatment of refugees and immigrants and his use of the term “illegal aliens.”

“Where is his integrity?” she says. “I don’t know.”


Gosar does have some extreme views, much like his president. Back in October, the Arizona Republican suggested that the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, which resulted in a Nazi murdering an anti-racist protester, was coordinated by “the left” and called Democratic donor George Soros a Nazi collaborator. That did not help his relationship with his siblings. In fact, they published an open letter and called their brother out for his “deceit and anti-Semitic dog whistle.”

David Gosar said that his brother is “an embarrassment” to their family.

Trump is tearing families apart. I’m the only Democrat in mine and his presidency* hasn’t exactly brought most of us together. With a couple of my family members, we can’t even be Facebook friends anymore.

What a weird timeline we’re stuck in. We can’t normalize this president*, though.

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