Republican Oklahoma State Senator Booked Into Jail On Sexual Battery Charge


Sen. Bryce Marlatt (R) on Tuesday became the latest in the list of lawmakers in the state to resign following allegations of misconduct. Marlatt, 40, a married father of four, was charged last week with one felony count of sexual battery and made his first court appearance on the charge Tuesday. Marlatt, who had been a member of the Senate since 2008, resigned ‘effectively immediately’ through his attorney, according to Tulsa World.

“My service on behalf of the people of Northwest and the panhandle of Oklahoma has been the privilege of my career,” Marlatt stated in a letter to Gov. Mary Fallin. “I would like to thank my constituents, friends and most importantly, my family for the confidence they have placed in me and the kindness they have shown me during my tenure.”

Marlatt allegedly kissed a female Uber driver after she had the misfortune of picking him up from a restaurant on June 26th to drive him to a bar near the Capitol. Marlatt then allegedly told the drive that she had nice breasts.

From there, things got worse.

The driver said that Marlatt grabbed her head and tried to turn it towards him as he attempted to kiss her, but she was kept resisting his efforts.

Marlatt “then kissed her on the right side of her neck down to her shoulder leaving saliva on her neck and shoulder area,” the affidavit states. “She told him to sit down and not touch her or she was calling police.”

The police report states the suspect “was grabbing her forcefully and kissing [ the victim] on the neck while she was driving.”

Marlatt was also the chairman of the Senate Energy Committee and vice chairman of both the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate Transportation Committee. And now, he’s unemployed, unless Donald Trump wants to nominate him for a position in his cabinet.

On Tuesday, Marlatt turned himself in to the Oklahoma County Jail on a charge of sexual battery and was released on $5,000 bond.

Tulsa World has a list of others who have resigned in the state; all of them are Republicans.

Former Sen. Kyle Loveless (R-Oklahoma City) resigned in April after allegations that he diverted campaign funds to personal use. Later, he pleaded guilty to embezzlement of more than $100,000 from his campaign, filing false campaign reports and perjury. For that, he is on probation for three years and paid restitution. A mere slap on the wrist.

Former Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City) was alleged to have transported a minor for prostitution, prompting his resignation in March. He was indicted by a federal grand jury for child sex crimes.

Back in February, former Rep. Dan Kirby (R-Tulsa) resigned following allegations of sexual harassment at the Capitol.

In 2015, former Sen. Rick Brinkley (R-Owasso) resigned and was sent to prison for embezzling $1.8 million from the Tulsa Better Business Bureau. Brinkley was employed as president, CEO and chief operating officer of the BBB in Tulsa at the time.

Such nice people, don’t you think?

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