Retired Colonel: Witches ‘Advise The Senior Leadership’ Of U.S. (Video)


Robert Maginnis, a Senior Fellow of The Family Research Council, appeared on The Jim Bakker Show Thursday to deliver a startling message: Witches have infiltrated the United States government at the highest levels.

“I know that there’s demonic forces in that city [Washington D.C.]. I have personally met people that refer to themselves as witches, people that say they advise the senior leadership of the country. We invite within the federal government people to advise us and often some of those advisers, I think, have evil motivations, things that you and I would not approve of.”

Manginnis, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, delivered this bombshell as context for how badly the Obama administration hates Christianity. He’s seen a lot of presidential administrations, and this one is, “aggressively against Christians.”

If this bit of ‘news’ can be confirmed, we could be in for an ‘October Surprise’ with an actual Halloween theme!

For most of us, witches are a quaint notion that we stop concerning ourselves with at about the same age as we stop believing in the Easter Bunny and Santa. In practical terms, perhaps we can use this to pinpoint the exact time conservatives are talking about when they say, “Make America Great Again.” Salem Massachusetts, 1692, a time and place when people weren’t afraid to show their love of Christianity by torching a few inconvenient women.

Host Jim Bakker, onetime head of the PTL Club and convicted  swindler (but, you know, still Godly), launched this unlikely tirade against the forces of darkness with a discussion of Obama’s nomination of Abid Qureshi as a Federal Judge, the first ever Muslim-American to be appointed.

This nomination, to Bakker’s thinking,  obviously displays the “preferential treatment” that Muslims are receiving in Obama’s America. Clearly, if by some sort of black magic, Senate Republicans actually confirm Qureshi, it will tip the scales of justice irrevocably, with 1 Muslim federal judge to 3,294 non-Muslims. Obviously though, we don’t know how many of those are witches.

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Picture: “Warlocks and witches in a dance” by John Faed