Retired General Just Schooled Ivanka Trump On Twitter And It’s Glorious


It all started with a Tweet, much to Ivanka Trump’s regret. Ivanka tweeted the following on Sunday.

I wonder how many of those kids had families who couldn’t afford food let alone money for sports activities?

Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling decided to add in his two cents:

Unfortunately for Ivanka, but fortunately for us, in my opinion, the tweets on her stupidity just kept coming:

Ironically,  all her daddy has done is increase the number of positions on this council and appointed Holli M. Richmond as Executive Director- but no one else has been added. Oh, and her dad also helped to decrease healthy school lunches started by Michelle Obama because… well, he’s a douchebag.

You add in that he is obviously overweight and appears to be unhealthy himself and the irony just keeps coming. Maybe if he did more than work on his golf swing, Ivanka would be able to encourage him through her own tweet to get up and move. I mean, he is a giant baby pretending to be an adult, so it makes sense.

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Featured image via screen capture.