Right-Wing Goes Batsh*t Crazy After Lindsey Graham Trolls Trump

Image by Gage Skidmore

On Tuesday afternoon, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen went before the Senate to discuss border security and DACA protections. When it was Sen. Lindsey Graham’s time to speak he caused the right-wing to go absolutely nuts with rage.

During the hearing, Senator Graham, Donald Trump’s new BFF, asked the secretary what in the world made her boss go from caring and compassionate last week, to angry and uncooperative.

“Let’s talk about two Trumps: the Tuesday Trump and the Thursday Trump. Whose Idea was it to do the meeting on Tuesday?” Graham asked referring to the televised meeting where Trump said he’d sign any bipartisan bill that came before him. The secretary responded that it was the president’s idea and Graham agreed, saying he did a “really good job.” He went on to discuss how loving Trump was on Tuesday.

Graham then began to discuss the president’s sudden mood shift on Thursday after he spoke to Democratic Senator Dick Durbin in the morning. Durbin had told Graham that it was “the best conversation” but by the time the senators arrived at the White House for the meeting something had changed:

“Between 10 o’clock and 12 o’clock we went from having conversations between Senator Durbin, which I believe every word, and the president that was very hopeful and by the time we got there something had happened. So Tuesday we had a president that I was proud to golf with, call my friend, who understood immigration had to be bipartisan…with compassion. Now, I don’t know where that guy went, I want him back.”

He went on to explain how he believes immigration reform will be accomplished and the secretary seemed to agree with him. But then he trolled the president saying:

To the president watching: I’m still in the phone book, don’t give my number out but call me.

Graham’s dig was in reference to Trump putting his phone number on Twitter during the 2016 Republican primary after the senator called him a “jackass.” The dig is not likely to make Trump very happy since we all know how thin his skin is. And not only did he probably piss Trump off, he made the right go absolutely batshit by praising Senator Durbin. The vapid right took to Twitter, calling him a traitor and other such nonsense:

There are hundreds of ragey comments like this and they are all amazing. Republican tears are even more delicious when they are shed because they’re mad at one of their own.

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Featured image via Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0.