Russian Foundry Honors Donald Trump With Commemorative Coins (VIDEO)

Russia honors President-elect Donald Trump with a commemorative coin.
Featured image: Adapted from photo by APTN via CBS (with screaming lady added).

As America watches Donald Trump’s onward slog towards the White House with a sense of impending doom, one part of the world remains hopeful.

Unfortunately, that part of the world just happens to be in Russia. CBS reports:

A Russian metal working company has minted a sterling silver coin to commemorate President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, featuring Mr. Trump’s face and the slogan “In Trump we trust.”

The commemorative silver coin features a rather goofy-looking profile of Donald Trump with the U.S. flag in the background and the words Donald John Trump, 45, The President, United States of America.

Russian metalworking company Art-Grani mints silver coin commemorating Donald Trump.
Photo: Video screen grab via ODN.

The back of the coin displays a likeness of the Statue of Liberty and reads, “In Trump we Trust.”

Russian metalworking company Art-Grani mints silver coin commemorating Donald Trump. Rear view: Statue of Liberty "In Trump we Trust."
Photo: Video screen grab via ODN.

In an interview with the Associated Press Television News (APTN), Art-Grani’s director Vladimir Vasyukhin explained his company designed the limited edition run of 45 coins

[In] hope that Mr. Trump might usher in an era of improved U.S.-Russian relations is one that both the incoming American leader and Russian President Vladimir Putin have expressed themselves.

Art-Grani will cast 40 of the coins in silver and the other five in gold. The garish monstrosities will measure nearly five inches in diameter — just slightly smaller than a cereal bowl — and will weigh about two pounds each. CBS notes these dimensions are “similar to coins made by the company featuring Putin and other notable Russians.”

And of course, Vladimir Vasyukhin hopes to present the first coin to the president-elect himself…Though he may wish he’d dialed back on the double chins.

APTN reports that Art-Grani is keen to present the first of the coins to Mr. Trump, and they’ve reached out to Russian diplomats and business partners in the U.S. to help arrange the presentation.

ODN reports Vladimir Vasyukhin declared:

“There are more hopes associated with Trump with regards to the lifting of sanctions. Maybe the environment between the two nations will change. Therefore, we, I’m not talking on behalf of officials, but of businessmen, have some hopes.”

Vladimir Vasyukhin says the silver coins will cost “a few thousand dollars” but hasn’t named a specific price.

WATCH: Russian metal working company mints silver coin to commemorate Donald Trump.

Featured image: Adapted from photo by APTN via CBS (with screaming lady added).