San Bernadino Shooter’s Wife Left Him After He Showed His ‘Other Side’


Love isn’t supposed to hurt, and it definitely shouldn’t cause death. Sadly, as details continue to emerge about the person who killed beloved teacher, Karen Smith, people are reminded that the rage caused by jealousy, insecurity, and sometimes mental illness, often leads to death for one or more parties in a relationship. To that end, chilling details about the seemingly double life lived by Cedric Anderson, continue to emerge.

Authorities now report that Anderson, a Navy Veteran, accused his wife, Karen Smith, of cheating on him. That accusation led to the couple parting ways and Smith leaving their home to stay with family. Although they’d only been married since January 2017, Smith and Anderson had been together for about four years, but the length of time they were together wasn’t enough to make Smith comfortable telling her family what she and her husband were going through.

Smith’s mother, however, was aware of her son-in-law’s other side. According to her:

“We thought he was a fine person, until they were married and then he showed the other side of him, which we had never seen before. We were shocked. He began to pick on my daughter and talk down to her. And they had dated for four years. And after about three weeks, my husband and I decided, you need to get away from him. He is not the kind of person you thought he was.”

Smith’s attempts to get away weren’t enough. Once she left, she reportedly told confidants that Anderson made threats, but she didn’t think he would follow-through as, in her eyes, he just wanted attention.

It has also now been shared that Anderson had a few prior run-ins with the law, four arrests between 1982 and 2013 for weapons, domestic violence, and theft. It is unknown whether or not Smith was aware that her husband had a history of domestic violence. Had she known, she likely would’ve taken the threats he made more seriously.

The San Bernadino community, especially the area around the school where Smith worked and was loved, continues to mourn her death and that of innocent eight year-old Jonathan Martinez.

Featured Image screengrab via NBC News.