Sarah Palin’s Son Got Drunk And F*cked Up On Drugs Before Viciously Beating His Dad


Details surrounding Track Palin’s Sunday arrest have been released, and you’re probably not going to be surprised by them. Yes, he was drunk just like that time he beat up his girlfriend. Yes, he was on a bunch of drugs his family could not identify. And yes, a gun was involved in the situation.

Track Palin decided he wanted to go on a fun drive on Saturday while he was  “freaking out and was on some type of medication” according to a frantic phone call from Sarah Palin to authorities. When his father refused to let him take the family truck because Track was f*cked up on drugs and alcohol, it was f*cking on.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that Palin wanted to pick up the truck but Todd told him not to bother showing up at the house because he was drunk and on pain medication.

“Track told him he was (going to) come anyway to beat his ass,” Wasilla police officer Adam LaPointe wrote in his report. Track broke through a window and tackled his father, “hitting him on the head” after Todd greeted him at the door with gun in hand.

Todd Palin was able to escape the house, but siffered injuries to his face and head according to police and had “liquid coming from his ear.”

“Track stood on the porch,” LaPointe wrote, recalling officers’ attempt to make contact with Track, who was now alone in the house. “Communication was attempted which failed due to Track yelling and calling myself and other officers peasants and telling us to lay our guns on the ground before approaching the residence.”

“He moved around in a strange manner and assumed a prone position just behind the roof line in what appeared to be an attempt to locate officers on the property,” LaPointe writes, adding that Palin eventually realized he was outmatched and came outside to talk 10 or 15 minutes later.

In perhaps the most obvious display of white privilege in 2017, not a single officer fired a shot at the Palins’ dumbest child despite his history of violence and his bail was set at a measly $5 grand.

Palin is currently serving two years probation after a plea deal related to the 2016 “wife-beating” incident.

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Image via screen capture.