Sarah Sanders’ Attack On Restaurant That Refused To Serve Her Just Backfired


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Slanders was reportedly denied service at a Virginia restaurant over the owner’s “moral convictions” and that kicked off a firestorm of attention, especially after Sanders confirmed that she was booted out in a tweet. Sanders was 86ed from the restaurant, along with 7 members of her family. “86” is restaurant slang for getting rid of something, ejecting someone, or refusing service.

So, Sarah Sanders, a paid liar, tweeted about the experience but that didn’t go down too well, especially since the press secretary claimed that she always treats people respectfully (LOL).

And just like that, ‘Red Hen’ is trending on Twitter. While there are some Trump supporters, presumably ones who think the owners of bakeries should be allowed to deny service to gay couples, attacking the restaurant, most of the social media users are promising to patronize the eatery.

And now everyone has heard of the Red Hen.

When I’m in the area, I’ll definitely be going to the Red Hen. The menu looks really, really good, you guys.

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Image via screen capture.