Scientists Say F*** You To Trump! Planning Huge March On DC


Although we’re just three days removed from the Women’s March and the actual millions of people (unless you’re an insecure Orange despot) that it attracted, it n ow seems that scientists are taking a turn.

It’s an idea spawned on Reddit, where several scientists–deeply troubled by the ignorant, anti-climate policies on climate change and other issues that Cheeto Mussolini is taking–were chatting about the best way to respond to a phenomenally stupid and anti-science admin.

So they’re going to send Trump one big F U with a march of their own.


Since 10 am today, over 50 people have volunteered to help make this event a reality! We’re going to get back to everyone and try to make sure that everyone’s time is put to the best use possible. A single google hangout looks unfeasible if volunteers keep coming in at this rate until Saturday, so we’re working ways to break into working groups. Stay tuned!

The proposed march already has a Facebook page (which currently has more than 200 members), a Twitter handle, a website, two co-chairs, Berman and health writer Caroline Weinberg, and a Google form through which interested researchers could sign up to help. But that’s it for now.

But as someone who took part in a mostly impromptu Women’s March in the smallish city of Asbury Park, NJ, disgust of Trump and the Fourth Reich is a very potent thing. Moreover, it springboards even the most apathetic of us into action. Here’s what the organizers of the march believe to be “provisionally true“:

  • The Earth is becoming warmer due to human action.
  • The diversity of life arose by evolution.
  • An American government that ignores science to pursue ideological agendas threatens not only the environment of which humans are a part, but America itself.
  • Scientific research in the United States is underfunded.
  • Politicians who devalue expertise risk making decisions that do not reflect reality.

It’s obvious that the more Trump tries to suppress and silence climate change, the stronger the resistance will be.

Featured image via YouTube