Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist Landlords Went To Great Lengths To Get Him Out Because He Wouldn’t Leave


Environmental Protection Agency Director Scott Pruitt likes spending other peoples’ money – a lot. Most recently, as reported by Politico today, his $50 a night lobbyist landlords changed the locks on him because Pruitt just wouldn’t leave. Pruitt has been under fire lately because no one – NO ONE – gets such a low rate for a condo in DC unless he’s the EPA director and one of his landlords happens to be an energy lobbyist.

No one except a swamp-dweller.

It’s bad enough that he travels first class with a security detail on the country’s dime to places like Disneyland and the Rose Bowl with his family and a dozen bodyguards. In any other administration, Pruitt would be looking for the nearest door to keep from being thrown out of a window. In the Trump administration, he was being considered this week for a promotion to Attorney General once Li’l Jeff Sessions realizes that he’s not wanted.

Maybe Pruitt should start taking solo and incognito cruises to places like Morocco instead of spending $40,000 for two one-hour meetings and a single full day of “work.” Then he would see how high the oceans have risen. Or maybe he should drive the 200 miles from DC to NYC instead of splurging $1641 of taxpayer money on a first-class ticket. That way Pruitt would smell for himself how crappy the air is in Baltimore and Philly. Perhaps then he’d stop rolling back environmental regulations so his bosses’ cronies could save the money they used to spend on frilly things like air filters and proper chemical waste disposal systems.

In any case, Pruitt’s former landlords are to be applauded, even if they are a day late and $50 short.

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Featured image courtesy of Mitchell Resnick/White House/Flickr.