Sean Hannity Goes Down In Flames After Attack On CNN Reporter


Fox News host Bret Baier responded to the White House blocking CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins from an event by stating that Fox “stands firmly with CNN on this issue of access.” But, on Tuesday night, things escalated at Donald Trump’s ego-rally in a jaw-dropping display of hatred for the media as the crowd started chanting “CNN sucks!” while Jim Acosta tried to broadcast from the event. For his part, Acosta remained a gentleman and even reached out to the same people who were screaming at him with their middle fingers firmly displayed.

Here’s a screenshot of that event.







But, apparently, Sean Hannity didn’t get the memo about supporting CNN because he tweeted Acosta to call him ‘fake news.’

“Jimmy @Acosta sorry your precious feelings are hurt & that people see through your lying bullshit for what it is. FAKE NEWS. #CNNSUCKS,” Hannity tweeted.

Twitter users pounced.


Sean Hannity, a man who circulates bizarre conspiracy theories, is the last person who should call anyone ‘fake news.’ Hannity’s day will come when Karma comes a knockin’ and it’s going to be so SWEET. Trump’s former longtime attorney, Michael Cohen, did tape phone conversations with his clients. Hannity was revealed to be one of Cohen’s three clients.

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Image via screen capture.