Sean Hannity: Trump Should Cancel All Press Briefings And Use Twitter Instead (VIDEO)


It’s almost as if Sean Hannity has never seen the former reality show star’s Twitter account which is inundated with mean-girl tweets as he lashes out at anyone critical of him.  On the other hand, the Fox News host has a lot in common with Donald Trump. Hannity, too, frequently lashes out at the media. Due to inconsistencies (lies) from White House press secretary Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Trump himself, the alleged president has suggested canceling press briefings and went as far as to say that he might do them himself once every two weeks. In other words, Trump’s staff can’t keep up with his lies so he’ll just cancel the briefings. After firing FBI Director James Comey, the inconsistencies coming from team Trump were jaw-dropping. Trump, too, directly contradicted his own letter of termination to Comey.

Hannity threw his support behind Trump to end the daily press briefings.

Mediaite reports:

The theme of the monologue was “TRUMP STRIKES BACK,” and he showed clips from the president’s interview with Fox’s Jeanine Pirro, including the part where he talked about potentially ending briefings.

Then the fake news Fox host attacked the media.

“If the propaganda destroy-Trump media––if they’re gonna smear and slander him and his administration and his family and lie about facts and what he’s done, why bother?” Hannity asked. “Why waste the energy trying to appease people who obviously hate his guts and want to destroy him?”

We’re pretty sure that Trump is destroying himself and he doesn’t any need help to accomplish that from the media.

Hannity went on to say that Trump doesn’t need the “fake news™,” then went on to attack Hillary Clinton, who, by the way, is not the president. Hannity called the media the “Hillary Clinton-colluding media,” then said that the amateur president should just ‘tweet out all of his accomplishments.”

“I think every week, the president should tweet out all of his accomplishments, going back to day one, update people daily about what he’s doing and what he’s accomplishing, and… he can take to Twitter, he can respond to the barrage of attacks, this ridiculous conspiracy theory about Russia that is being pushed with no evidence,” Hannity said.


Well, that would be a fine idea, Sean. If Trump tweets out his accomplishments, then his timeline will be empty and we’re fine with that. Finally, American voters won’t have to hold their breath each time they look at the fake POTUS’s Twitter timeline.

We’re not sure how Russiagate is a ‘conspiracy theory,’ though. The U.S. intelligence community concluded that Russia did meddle in the 2016 election in order to harm Hillary Clinton, and by extension, help Trump. What is a ‘conspiracy theory’ was Trump, before his campaign, dogging Barack Obama for years, insisting that he was born in Kenya, and not Hawaii.

Just to point out Sean Hannity’s mind-boggling hypocrisy, in 2013, he blasted President Barack Obama for taking a vacation, saying that he’s “living a pretty extravagant lifestyle.” Trump is taking vacays every weekend and he’s only 120ish days into his ‘presidency.’ And he’s allegedly a billionaire who is living an ‘extravagant lifestyle’ on the taxpayers’ dime.

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