‘Sean, Why Don’t We Turn The Cameras On?’ Spicer Heckled By CNN Reporter At Press Briefing (VIDEO)

Will Trump fire Sean Spicer?

Monday morning’s camera-less press briefing at the White House certainly started off exciting, when CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer about President Donald Trump’s healthcare bill. Spicer, for reasons known only to himself, ignored the question and said this instead:

“The cameras are off Jim.”

This was a tough day for Spicer

That led to a fiery exchange between the two men. More than once Acosta can be heard yelling “maybe we should turn the cameras on, Sean, why don’t we turn the cameras on?”

Acosta aired his frustrations on Twitter:

Acosta was upset about this long before the briefing, and he noted that in a tweet also, Politicus reports. 

And journalists covering Capitol Hill seem to be in two camps: Some are trying to handle the issue through the White House Correspondents Association, while others, like Acosta, are beating the drums of rebellion.

Compounding this, Trump has tossed in an additional monkey wrench: He’s not taking questions from reporters at press events while meeting with world leaders at the White House.

Acosta didn’t fail to note this either.

Fighting the good fight.

In an appearance on CNN prior to the briefing, Acosta shared his thoughts on how the Trump White House is, in effect, censoring the press, according to The Daily Beast: 

“I think it’s critical that we point that out to viewers,” he said. “That in addition to this briefing being off-camera today, the president is also eroding the expectations, eroding the traditions of covering the President of the United States here in Washington, in that he is holding a statement here in the Rose Garden this afternoon with a foreign head of state and not taking questions from reporters.”

Acosta has been running up against the Trump administration since early January, when he attempted to ask the President-elect a question during the first press conference. But Trump shouted him down declaring “you are fake news!” Since then, Acosta has been a strong voice in opposing the White House’s ongoing media blackout.

Other reporters who were online but weren’t at the briefing begged Acosta on Twitter to turn on cell phone camera and livestream the event.

Finally, Acosta left this plaintive tweet:

This is indeed, a time for journalists to buckle up and fight for their right to let the rest of America know what is really happening.

You can watch the fireworks in the video below.

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