Sen. Deb Fischer Bars Ticket-Holding Constituents From Event Because They’re ‘Likely to Dissent’

Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) invited constituents to meet with her on her

Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) launched her “Strong Families, Strong Communities” tour across the state this weekend. But she never mentioned that some of her constituents were not welcome.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports:

Sen. Deb Fischer on Saturday formally announced her candidacy for re-election in 2018, pledging to be “a fighter” for Nebraska and to continue to “stand tall for our shared values.”

Yet the descriptions of the events on Eventbrite made no mention of the GOP Senator kicking off her 2018 campaign at this ungodly early date. They merely said:

Join us for a special event as part of Senator Deb Fischer’s Strong Families, Strong Communities Tour across Nebraska on June 24th.

The invitations also noted that those who want to attend would need to RSVP because “space is limited.” But when some of her constituents who’d reserved a ticket arrived at the event in Lincoln, they got turned away as “someone likely to dissent.”

When ticket holders objected, Deb Fischer’s bouncers declared, “This is a private event.”

So how did her staff know people waiting to get into the event might not agree with her?

In addition to what appears to be some sort of profiling, some noted the bouncers were checking some sort of list.

This should come as no surprise given how the Republican Party has abused the one-party authoritarian rule they’ve enjoyed since Donald Trump “won” despite losing the popular vote by 2.8 million in the GOP’s rigged election. Like many of her right-wing colleagues, Deb Fischer got booed at a Town Hall meeting for supporting her party’s TrumpCare death panels.

And then there was that “mother of all protest signs” from Deb Fischer’s recent “listening session” in Omaha.

Since Nebraska would be among the states hit the hardest by the GOP’s so-called “healthcare” bill — due to its many older, low-income residents living in rural areas with few healthcare options  — Deb Fischer’s desire to avoid her own constituents is understandable.

Ari Kohen, a political theory professor at the University of Nebraska, had a lot more to say about this in a long  tweet thread.

He adds that Deb Fischer’s events had been promoted for weeks with no mention of it being a partisan campaign kickoff event.

Ari Kohen says he knows many who reserved tickets and showed up early because she doesn’t host many town halls and her staff doesn’t answer the phone.

He goes on to explain that staff, volunteers, and police barred people at the entrance despite the facts that they had tickets and there was enough space.

The political theory professor adds that she believes she can get away with voting “again and again against the interests of farmers, public school kids, the elderly and the poor” for three reasons:

Sadly, it’s likely that Deb Fischer is correct in these assumptions.

Featured image/composite: cc 2016 Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Martha McCullough via Twitter.