SHOCKER: Stacey Dash Calls House Democratic Sit-In ‘Uncivilized’ (VIDEO)

Stacey Dash Calls House Sit-In 'Uncivilized'
Stacey Dash Calls Sit-In 'Uncivilized'

Stacey Dash of Fox News is the queen of over-exaggeration, and she is shocked, just shocked over the Democratic House of Representative’s sit-in. And all those people singing “We Shall Overcome” offends her to no end.

On “Outnumbered,” she decided to tear into the group of political and not-political protestors, saying that they were holding an “uncivilized” protest, just to get a vote on gun safety bills. According to “Raw Story,” she thinks:

‘That’s all it is. It’s so uncivilized. I’ve never seen anything so uncivilized in my life. And in the House chamber, I mean, to behave that way.’

Informally known as the “No Buy, No Fly” bill, and a second bill, Democrats request an appropriate wait time for potential terrorists to buy guns, but that just slid right out of the House without a vote, as the Republicans gaveled themselves into a long 4th of July vacation.

Dash complained:

‘And these are the people that are supposed to be representing, fighting for you. But this is our Second Amendment.’

‘They want to put more laws — and they think that’s going to stop bad people? No, that’s just going to stop good people from being able to defend themselves.’

Dash’s co-host Julie Roginsky said that actually, Republicans were the first to have a sit-in over gas prices in 2008, so they “pioneered” the action.

On Thursday’s edition of “Outnumbered,” Dash agreed with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), who called the Democrats’ protest a “fundraising stunt.”

‘That doesn’t make it right.’

‘We should come together on things that we all agree on. Universal background checks. The vast majority of gun owners agree on this. Nobody’s doing anything about it.’

Co-host Harris Faulker broke into Dash’s rant:

‘I think the matter is, it’s the timing. It doesn’t apply tapestry-wise on what happened in Orlando.’

Watch the video of Dash going off in the video below:

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H/T: Raw Story.