Small Government Arizona Republicans Seek To Get All Up In Welfare Recipients’ Business

A real flagpin-wearing American, that's pro-American for America

At least three small-government Republican Arizona lawmakers are seeking to get all up in welfare benefits’ business by telling them what to eat. The trio seek to limit where food stamps can be used, specifically not in a fast food restaurant.

A real flagpin-wearing American, that's pro-American for America
A real flagpin-wearing American, that’s pro-America for America because America

The Phoenix New Times reports:

The bill submitted by Republican Representative Kelly Townsend is one of a handful of bills submitted before this year’s legislative session has begun. The legislation would ban the use of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards, which are linked to a person’s assistance money, at “fast-food or quick-service” restaurants.

Townsend told KFYI’s Mike Broomhead this morning, “This is basically saying that [fast food] is not a good use of taxpayer money . . a $7 meal can get you so much more at the grocery store that is healthy for you and lasts a lot longer.”

This dismisses the need for homeless people who have no kitchen, to pick up badly needed food wherever they can find it. That includes fast food restaurants. It also dismisses those less-fortunate souls who don’t have a stove and/or a refrigerator. Some homes (boarding houses that rent out rooms) are shared and do not provide a kitchen.

On Broomhead’s show, Townsend said lawmakers she’s spoken to are generally supportive of the bill, and even said that one Democrat, medical doctor and Senator Eric Meyer, “agrees with what’s in the bill.”

Townsend’s segment starts at the 48:50 mark:

The Democratic doctor’s specialty is obviously not nutrition. Last I heard, you need to eat in order to live.

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