Somebody Dug Up The ‘Official’ Portrait Of Donald Trump, And It’s Everything We Need (To Laugh At)


Nearly 30 years ago, when Donald Trump was still a wee monster, a golf cad with bad hair and bad taste in sweaters, a compatriot of his — one Ralph Wolfe Cowan — did Donnie a solid. He painted his portrait. And not just any portrait. He painted the picture that Donald himself might have painted, if he had any discernible patience or talent.

But now that the Obama portraits are in the news, and the right wing is having a ball poking fun at them (or worse), it’s time to bust that thing out again, in all of its glory, so we can have a look at what a really terrible portrait is.

I reckon the only way to do this is just rip-off-the-bandage style, so here goes:


THAT monstrosity is hanging in Mar-a-Lago, and Republicans have the nerve to accuse the Obama portraits of being weird? That sweater could be colored entirely with the substance that Sean Hannity alleged was hidden in the picture of the former president.

After all of the vitriol and — let’s face it — just plain old racism that was woven into the conservative freakout over the Obama portraits, getting a good look at this horrorshow was all Twitter needed to have a couple of belly laughs at the expense of President Just For Men™:

I think Chloe really captured the essence of the picture with her response, though:

Let’s hope that never makes it out of the “Winter White House” and into our nightmares.

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Featured image via DSN Gallery