State Of The Union Address Is Already Shaping Up To Be A Real Sh*thole Show (VIDEO)


As if the looming Russian interference investigation weren’t enough to cast a pall over tonight’s State of the Union address, this little nugget appeared yesterday on Trump’s website:

Tacky, right? Bi-partisan? Hardly, unless Trump splits the contributions down the middle with the Democratic National Committee.

Someone needs to tell Donald that the United States of American is not the Home Shopping Network or the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.

By the way, why put the cap at $2,700? Because this is the maximum allowed by law and, after all, we know the current squatter at the White House is all about following the law.

Sure, the economy is doing fine – thanks, Obama! – and we’re not in a nuclear war with North Korea, China, and Russia – yet – but for Trump to claim that he has even the slightest clue on how to unite the country is like proposing abstinence as a remedy for rape.

Still, one of Trump’s particularly soulless minions, Kellyanne Conway, insists that the address will be a “bipartisan, forward-looking speech.” Watch and cringe:

Some high-profile Democrats are staging a boycott, because of, among other things, his stance on immigration and the racism inherent in such comments as his recent “shithole” description of African and other countries.

Others are bringing guests chosen to highlight the many groups in the United States whom Trump is alienating, including DACA recipients, #MeToo survivors (look in the audience for people dressed in black), and Puerto Ricans left to fend for themselves in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Once again, Trump is trying to put his brand on this country, but it’s not a tacky sign made with gold filigree by minimum wage workers: it’s a red-hot poker that he’s jabbing on the ass of more than half the voters in the U.S.


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Images via screen capture.