Stormy Daniels Lawyer Smacks Trump With Another Possible Lawsuit After Early Morning Tweet


Donald Trump was up pretty early, for such a lazy guy. In fact, some days, it seems like he only even gets out of bed in service of his social media account — if it’s 6 AM where he lives and there’s something crazy enough to tweet, he’s tweeting it.

Unfortunately for Donnie Dumbass, keen judgment is not a quality many of us have first thing in the morning, and he certainly wasn’t displaying any on Wednesday when he retweeted one of his idiot fans — this one a woman once convicted of fraud over a check-forging scheme she dreamed up in order to meet her straw-headed hero — in his very first Twitter acknowledgment of the Stormy Daniels scandal.

There are actually a few things about this tweet that are problematic for the bumbler-in-chief, not least of which is the question, “years later” after what? Is there some incident you’re referring to, Mr. Trump?

But the part that caught the eye of Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Stormy Daniels who seems to be having zero bad days lately, was the beginning of the second sentence in the message: “A total con job.”

That’s a pretty bold assertion, Donald. Especially considering the widespread speculation as to who the man in the sketch by the world’s foremost forensic artist might be. We do understand that a man’s first instinct is to deny when they’re caught up in misdeeds, but as someone so well-versed in being hauled off to court for lawsuits, you might think Donald Trump could deny without actually calling someone a liar or publicly saying that they’re fabricating an actual legal claim, because, well… That’s called defamation.

And Michael Avenatti agrees:

Can Donald Trump stop himself before he ends up owing not just the end of his White House stay but perhaps a small fortune to an adult film actress? It’s hard to say, but he’s shown no signs of shutting up so far.

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