Successful Entrepreneurs Welcome A New Addition To Their Digital Marketing Startup & Open Up To Cosmetic Procedures World


Marco Brand and Richard Hendry are successful entrepreneurs celebrating their newest addition to their fleet of online businesses that aim at physicians who specialize in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic enhancement. Their latest accomplishment is, and enjoys a significant investment in SEO from its founders so that it waves from the top ranks in Google, Bing, and Yahoo soon.

Figure 1 – The top 3 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures – Online Popularity (source Google Trends)

Cosmetic surgery is experiencing a dramatic increase in the last few years, not only in the world-leading US but around the world. According to statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than $13.5 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, in 2015 alone (a $1.5 billion raise from 2014). In 2016, body contouring procedures, including facelifts, buttock implants (i.e. Brazilian Butt Lift), liposuction, and abdominoplasty were the most favored and sought-after procedures (16.3% growth from 2015).

Figure 2: Search Volume strength for BBL and related search terms

Both Brand and Hendry hold a strong track record in getting websites to the first place in Google searches via SEO. At the moment, they have more than 10 # 1 ranking plastic surgery websites. These are doctor sites in key major cities in the US, and also our own medical web portals that generate patient leads. These traffic translates into leads (ROI) for our main customers “cosmetic and plastic surgeons”.


How it all started

Hendry started as the CIO of an artificial intelligence company, in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the late 90s, and was working along with some 400 developers. As soon as the internet bubble came crashing down, at around 2003, he decided to start his own website development and SEO business from his home. At that time, he was offering his services to small companies.

Both he and Brand noticed that cosmetic surgery was a sector with a bright potential. Businesses related to cosmetic surgery were their most profitable clients. So, they made the decision to turn their focus on that industry and the liposuction niche in particular.

Brazilian butt lift is a procedure related to liposuction, given that the fat removed from other areas with liposuction is then used to change the contour, shape, and size of the butt. Therefore, the patient portal is aspiring to be part of the group of websites related to liposuction, where surgeons will be able to advertise their clinics through the website and reach a large audience, which will result in high traffic to their clinic’s website.

Brand says, “Right now, there are more than 75,000 searches for Brazilian butt lift and growing. What we do is produce interesting pages on our site and then promote them to other websites in return for links back to our website. Google will consider us a valuable link in the chain and therefore will rewards us with a higher ranking for these links. So, basically, what we will do is sell the traffic to bbl surgeons at the top of Google for Brazilian Butt Lift.”

Figure 3: Multiple free tools – show the online marketing potential of the BBL procedure

Brand and Hendry estimate that the total investment will be less than $50K while the revenue the website is intended to create will reach $20K per month. For the two entrepreneurs, this means more than $1M in their pockets in the next 5 years. The minimum Return on Investment (ROI) is around $10K per month; however, their goal is double that.

That aside, experts predict that the US market will further expand in the coming years and that cosmetic surgery procedures will experience another 8.9% growth by 2020. This means that cosmetic surgery tourism is on a continuous rise, triggered by wealthy individuals in the most developed and developing parts of the world.

Figure 4: BBL and related keywords – a Gold mine for Hendry and Brand

Hendry mentions, “It is a great feeling waking up in the morning knowing that I can make a million dollars using just my skills and knowledge. I am also glad to see that the American Dream is far from dead.”