Thursday, October 17, 2019
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‘Sex War’: Cosby’s Publicist Just Compared His Client To Brett Kavanaugh

We're sure Kavanaugh really appreciates the support. Lol.

The Guy Accused Of Multiple Sexual Assaults Declares April Sexual Assault...

Because he doesn't know how to spell the words "irony" and "hypocrisy"

State Of The Union Address Is Already Shaping Up To Be...

Our veterans didn't fight for this.

Melania Trump Passes Up Yet Another #MeToo Moment And Shocks No...

Girl, just kick him to the curb and make history.

Ethics Panel Will Now Investigate GOP Rep. Farenthold For Using Tax...

Perhaps the most satisfying casualty of the #MeToo movement yet.

UPDATE: GOP Congressman Trent Franks Resigns Over Sexual Misconduct

Republicans snickering about Al Franken this morning are suddenly silent now.