Tennessee Republican Explains That Giving Away AR-15 After Massacre Is Nice Thing To Do

Tenn State Rep. Andy Holt Pro-Guns
Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt. Image: General Assembly page.

A Tennessee state lawmaker decided that giving AR-15’s away would be a good idea before the Orlando shooting massacre in a gay nightclub. He still thinks an automatic weapon give-away is a good idea, and says “a crazed Muslim terrorist” shouldn’t “change the plans or activities that we have as Americans.”

The man behind this grand plan scheduled a campaign event where the main feature is two free AR-15 rifles according Q13Fox. The event was planned before the attack, but Republican State Representative Andy Holt doesn’t see any problem with it.

Appearing with CNN’s David Gregory on “New Day,” Holt said cancelling his event would just be a surrender to terrorists:

‘I think there is nothing more that this particular individual would love, this terrorist, than to think that he has changed a significant number of plans for Americans, and also that maybe gun control measures will be instituted regarding the use of firearms here in the United States because of his actions.’

‘I don’t concede to the idea we should change our plans because this individual inappropriately used a firearm.’

When Gregory asked Holt if he didn’t see a need for a response to the Orlando shootings, the candidate seemed mildly inclined toward limiting suspects on terror watch lists from buying guns.

‘I think there is a reason for terror suspects not to get firearms. A man that has devoted himself to ISIS and radical Islam, that’s a precursor — that should disallow an individual to have a firearm.’

Then Holt said that the government had to “be strategic in their implementation of those laws.” Holt also said that “the argument should be about radical Islam and gun-free zones” and remain the same.

The Orlando gunman was using a Sig Sauer MCX assault-style rifle and a Glock 9mm semiautomatic pistol to kill 49 people, in the worst mass shooting in the U.S.’s history.

The killer legally purchased the weapons, even though he had been heavily investigated by the FBI over a series of months. He worked as a security guard for the G4S multinational organization.

Featured Image: Tennessee General Assembly page.

H/T: Q13FIX.