Testy Trump SWEARS He Doesn’t Watch TV, Still Mysteriously Knows Exactly What’s Said On There


It’s no secret that Donald Trump is a TV watcher. I’m honestly convinced, in fact, that people wouldn’t actually think more or less of him if they knew his television habits, provided his TV time wasn’t taking away from him, you know, running the country.

But Trump is determined, for some reason, to convince people that he doesn’t watch TV at all. It seems like a silly thing to be concerned with, but then there’s not much that isn’t silly about Donald Trump. Is the 60-inch TV in the dining room silly? I’d say so. How about the “Super TiVo” he uses to record literally all of cable news so he doesn’t miss anything? Yep, I’d call that silly as well.

The fact that I know he has those things makes it doubly silly that he continues to insist he doesn’t use them. But in a New York Times profile of Trump, it was revealed that Donnie Daycare is, like, SUPER sensitive about people thinking he’s not a for-real bigly president:

But he is leery of being seen as tube-glued — a perception that reinforces the criticism that he is not taking the job seriously. On his recent trip to Asia, the president was told of a list of 51 fact-checking questions for this article, including one about his prodigious television watching habits. Instead of responding through an aide, he delivered a broadside on his viewing habits to befuddled reporters from other outlets on Air Force One heading to Vietnam. “I do not watch much television,” he insisted. “I know they like to say — people that don’t know me — they like to say I watch television. People with fake sources — you know, fake reporters, fake sources. But I don’t get to watch much television, primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents a lot.”

Now, here’s the thing: Nobody believes Trump is busy “reading documents.” But that’s a really real thing that multiple people were recording as he said it. Some reporters have been known to be able to extrapolate what shows Trump watches and when simply by the timing and content of his tweets.

Oh, and speaking of tweets:

I’m sure that Trump would have preferred to capitalize the name of the newspaper for effect — he likes to give nicknames and they stick better if you capitalize them — but he had to balance it with his newfound method of bullying: Rallying his online troll hordes to send a deluge of messages to a Twitter account he doesn’t like by tagging them in his tweet.

But peel back that first onion layer of disgust with the fabled Gray Lady and you see multiple levels of denial of things we know aren’t true. Things he has said in the past that he just can’t keep track of anymore, since he says and does whatever comes into his head at any given moment.

For example:

Yesterday was literally the anniversary of this tweet about how much he liked Don Lemon. But Don Lemon got on Trump’s bad side.

You know what will never get on Trump’s bad side, though? His great big TV.

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