‘That’s A Bunch Of Crap!’ Disgusted Trump Voter Vents Fury On CNN Panel (VIDEO)

CNN's Alisyn Camerota hosted a panel of folks who voted for Donald Trump to see what they think of his first 100 days. One Trump voter's clearly pissed off.
Photo: Video screen grab via CNN.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota hosted a panel of folks who voted for Donald Trump to see what they think of his first 100 days. One Trump voter’s clearly pissed off.

A poll by ABC and The Washington Post reveals only 2 percent of people who voted for Donald Trump regret doing so, while 98 percent say they made the right decision. But if you watched the lively discussions on CNN, you’d never know that.

Monday’s panel got quite contentious, with Trump voter Scott McCommons declaring that he thinks his first 100 days are a “disaster.” Tuesday’s proved no different as the conversation continued.

Alisyn Camerota opened by showing footage of Donald Trump giving his positions on various issues during the election, only to reverse them a year later. The first Trump voter, Ilene Wood sprang to his defense.

Ilene Wood, the first Trump voter to speak out,  sprang to his defense by claiming the GOP’s president didn’t have all the information.

“Look at the dates there. The dates are a year apart. The dates reflect a time when he was not the president, was not privy to the materials he’d be provided as the president. Some of the highly confidential secret materials.”

Camerota then interjected with a seething, tight-lipped Severus Snape like contempt: “Sure, but does he need confidential secret

“Sure, but does he need confidential secret materials to know that NATO is relevant?”

“There is a learning curve involved with learning how to deal with the government,” Ilene Wood insisted. “So I feel encouraged that things will continue to improve.”

Others were also supportive of Donald Trump and echoed the same talking points. Former new Hampshire state rep. Susan Delmus even insisted that he was “as informed as he could get” without the “proper information.”

But Scott McCommons snapped:

“That’s not true. That’s not true. He goes behind closed doors just like President Obama did, of the United States. he gets first-hand information like everybody else does. [crosstalk] That’s a bunch of crap and you all know it. It’s a bunch of crap.”

The disgruntled Trump voter took a moment to calm himself down, then added: “He got secure information on this country just like Mrs. Clinton did.”

Scott McCommons then added:

“I hope his next hundred days is better than his first hundred. You know? It can only get better, not worse, truthfully…I want him to succeed, I really do. And I think he can. But I don’t think he can just go to the table and say “it’s my way or the highway.’ He’s got to negotiate. If he doesn’t, it’s gonna get worse in the next four years. It truly is.” Adds a lot of people will turn against him.”

After all, Donald Trump did market himself as someone who’d make good deals. Later, another ticked off Trump voter chimed in. Kraig Moss was once called the “Trump Troubador” because he went all in for Donald Trump.

Kraig Moss is a grief-stricken father who lost his son to heroin addiction. He sold everything he had, grabbed his guitar, and hit the campaign trail because he thought Donald Trump would help heroin addicts like his son.. Moss attended a total of 45 rallies where his pro-Trump country tunes became a popular side attraction.

But CNN reported that when the GOP’s appalling “TrumpCare” bill came out — with no provisions for treating addiction — Kraig Moss was disgusted and called the bill “an absolute betrayal of what Trump represented on the campaign trail.”

“You know, they say give him four years,” Kraig Moss said in a gruffly mild tone.

“But unfortunately he’s showing what he’s capable of doing in the first hundred days. ‘Make America great again’ has become a myth. I don’t wish for the president to fail in his endeavors. If he wins, we all win. I could never vote for him again because he’s shown what he’s capable of doing and he’s trying to put through something that is absolutely the opposite of what he promised the American people.”

WATCH: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asks Trump voters about the first 100 days.

Featured image: Video screen grab via CNN.