The FBI Just Threw Major Twitter Shade At Trump And POTUS Is Not Going To Like It

Image via screen capture.

A week before the presidential election, the FBI tweeted out seemingly pro-Donald Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton messages. Then, just after Trump won the election, the former reality show star launched a war on U.S. Intelligence agencies and on Monday, he amped up his attacks, saying that FBI officials who have investigated him “have done some very, very evil things, very bad things — I would say treasonous things against our country.”

Following the release of Trump’s Attorney General’s brief summary of the Mueller report, the president* falsely claimed that he was exonerated, then he lashed out at his critics, and that includes officials with the FBI.  To be clear, we haven’t seen the full Mueller report, but Trump is taking victory laps anyway.

The FBI threw some Twitter shade at Trump on Monday by tweeting out the bureau’s publicly available Trump Organization file and it contains quite a lot of information. It’s almost as if Trump is a mob boss and/or scam artist and Twitter users took notice.

Twitter users sifted through the documents.

This is incredible.

This person has a point.

Well, lookie here:

Donald Trump has been running scams for years, but the difference here is that the FBI tweeted out part of his sordid history.

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Featured image via screen capture.