The Internet Explodes With Laughter When Trump Swears He ‘Can’t Lose’ A Trade War


Donald Trump has touched off a trade war with China which most economists agree will wind up being very bad for the American economy. Jobs will be lost and prices will rise in the U.S., and that could lead to a recession.

But to hear Trump tell it, there’s no way we can lose such a battle:

While that may sound good on the surface, like nearly everything Trump does or says, it’s just flat-out wrong. It’s factually incorrect and fails to take into consideration other economic variables. That shouldn’t surprise any of us when you consider that various businesses owned by Trump have gone bankrupt on multiple occasions. This is a man, keep in mind, that lost money on casinos! Casinos are designed to make money for the people who own them, but this douche weasel lost his ass on casinos.

Trump got a good dose of mockery on social media, and many reminded him of just how terrible he is when it comes to what he loves to call “the art of the deal”:

Here’s a prediction based on what we’ve seen from Trump so far when it comes to the economy: This time a year from now, we will be in the middle of a major recession. And the person to thank for that is none other than Donald J. Trump.

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  1. So here we are. We have a president who is obviously a catastrophic mistake. You’d think this would lead to changes in the way we do elections. Maybe it will, if the Democrats are able to take the congress at mid-terms, or if the Republicans come to their senses.

    Think of how we got here, of the kinds of voters we now have in this country. From the deluded who though a super rich con man was on their side, to the foolish who were caught up in the spectacle it all, to the corrupt politicians and religious leaders who would support any horrible thing if they thought he would give them the concessions they wanted, to the despicable Nazis and white supremacists that he still plays to.

    And worst of all – for this to happen, three million voters had to be disenfranchised. The votes of THREE MILLION VOTERS didn’t count. It seems impossible.

    How low have we sunk. If democracy survives, what will future generations think of us. Assuming there are future generations. If democracy survives, it will prove that our founders were so much wiser then we are – except for the electoral college part.

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