The Internet Goes CRAZY After Trump Demands An Apology For ‘Fake News’


Tuesday morning, around 6:30 his time, before any staffers could snatch his phone away, Donald Trump started tweeting.

You already know how it goes. Outrage! Fury! Ridiculously phrased overtures to his semi-literate supporters! So what was BLOTUS Trump crying about so early in the morning?

But that was only the first of two whiny tweets that got the ol’ Interwebs fired up in response. The funnier — and more asinine — of the two came a little over two hours later. You can just see him sitting on the edge of his bed, muttering to himself. He zings off the first tweet: “Dirty! Yeah, I’ll call them dirty and SAD!” Then he can’t help but tweet about his defeat in court (again). Next up: Retweet one of his many sycophants, some unintelligible nonsense about liberals. Then it’s time for the customary daily mention of Crooked Hillary, and then… Money shot:

After the entire universe finished wiping away the tears of laughter, they got to work:

And then things got REAL:

We’re pretty sure nobody is ever going to apologize for telling the truth about Donald Trump.

If you see someone doing that, it might be… Fake News™

Featured image via screen capture

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