The Internet Pounces After Trump Takes Credit For Holiday Spending (TWEETS)


President-elect Donald Trump’s ego is so big he’s taking credit for holiday spending and he’s not even in office yet. Christmas spending has exceeded over $2 trillion since at least 2000, with that number topping $3 trillion in recent years, as John Prager at Addicting Info notes. Nevertheless Trump tweeted, “The world was gloomy before I won – there was no hope. Now the market is up nearly 10% and Christmas spending is over a trillion dollars!”

He’s literally taken credit for anyone’s happiness in this world, too.

The Internet was quick to respond.

I can’t wait to see Trump’s New Year’s tweet. ‘People sang Auld Lang Syne because they’re happier now since I was elected.’

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.