The Irony: Snowden Hilariously Criticizes Russia – After They Hid Him From The U.S.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the guy who asked for and got asylum from Russia in 2013 after being a very naughty boy and leaking Super Secret Stuff from the NSA, has decided it is now time to criticize Russia on its recent presidential election.

Yeah, I found it pretty damn ironic too.

 Snowden tweeted on March 18th:

It’s quite hilarious to see the guy who leaked national security stuff get outraged and demand justice of the law and in court. I mean, he’s still on the run from the CIA from justice for the shit he pulled. That’s how he ended up in Russia in the first place. Ed, can you say “hypocritical?”

I dunno if he’s ready for that revolution, they may just “revolutionize” his ass out of the country and then where would he be? I’m sure the CIA and NSA would LOVE to have a word with him about those leaks and the fact that he’s been a Putin puppet for years.

It’s interesting that he’s speaking out and for once he is not wrong. The election was a total sham. The Kremlin made sure that nobody, who had a shot of winning, could be on the ballot. Putin’s biggest threat, Alexei Navalny, was even arrested on trumped up charges to keep him off of it. Literally, everyone knew Putin was going to be re-elected because Putin hates democracy.

Hopefully, Captain Obvious won’t meet the same fate as some of the other people who spoke out against Putin. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that he is going to learn that Russia isn’t so friendly after all.

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Image via Twitter.