The Least Popular President* In History Lashes Out At Mueller Over His Poll Numbers

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Former reality show star Donald Trump is the least popular president* in the history of polling. Part of that reason is that he’s plagued with scandals and he’s only been on the job for a year and a half. Trump hasn’t mentioned his poll numbers in ages and there’s a reason for that. They suck. So, Trump lashed out over how people view special counsel Robert Mueller, but the results go along party lines, and according to the Politico–Morning Consult poll, 48 percent believe that Trump has tried to impede or obstruct the investigation. That comes as no surprise since he does this daily. Thirty-six percent of all registered voters now see Mueller unfavorably. Trump’s numbers are worse, so there’s that.

Trump misspelled *counsel again, then had to delete his tweet and replace it with the typo corrected, and for some reason, he put the word special in quotes.

“Public opinion has turned strongly against the Rigged Witch Hunt and the “Special” Counsel because the public understands that there was no Collusion with Russia (so ridiculous), that the two FBI lovers were a fraud against our Nation & that the only Collusion was with the Dems!” It tweeted.

It’s not a witch hunt when 18 indictments of companies and individuals, including former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, have been handed down. Manafort is in prison now waiting for his trial.

In addition, Mueller, who is a lifelong Republican, has secured five guilty pleas, including from former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who admitted to lying to FBI agents.

Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen sure acts like he’s about to flip on his ex-client and he knows where the bodies are buried.

Why does Trump always act so guilty? Also, why do Republicans act so complicit?

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Image via screen capture.