The Purge Continues: Trump Abruptly Fires 16 Administration Members Via Snail Mail


Thursday afternoon, a former member of Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS confirmed that all sixteen remaining members of that council had been sacked, and notified of their job loss in a letter that was Fed-Exed to their offices.

The staff was already a little bit light, after six members of the panel resigned in June over Trump’s seeming lack of consideration or care for the project. Although there is no official explanation for this mass firing, most insiders believe it is simply part of a giant purge to rid the administration of the vestiges of Barack Obama.

Some of the remaining councilmembers were Obama appointees, but more importantly, some were stalwarts that pushed back against dangerous and ignorant policies, like abstinence-only sex education, proven to be the least effective method, at least in schools, or preventing either diseases or pregnancy. Both statistics are expected to rise, especially in so-called “red states,” after other backwards policy moves by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Betsy DeVos-led Department of Education.

One of the handful who left in disgust back in June tweeted just that:

Not only is this idiotic purge childish and dangerous — who knows what progress a crucial member of the administration may have been on the cusp of — but it marks the preference of the Trump team for loyalty over intelligence or even qualifications. What’s more, with the firing of those who promote sex education other than abstinence-only, it once again reveals the hand of the evangelical Vice President in this administration’s decisions.

The lack of explanation over this is compounded by the fact that Trump had renewed their assignment for another full year — just three months ago.

Then again, nothing makes sense with this guy.

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Featured image via Wikimedia Commons