The Republicans Were Just Dealt Another Blow In Their Fight To Steal An Election

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Pennsylvania Republicans just do not know how to draw congressional maps without being big cheating cheaters. And on Tuesday their efforts to gerrymander their way to victory in the 2018 midterm elections were once again thwarted.

Last month, Republicans were reprimanded by the state Supreme Court for their congressional map. The court ruled that it was clear the GOP was trying to ensure a victory by making the district lines so wonky that Democrats didn’t have a shot in Hell of winning a race. The court ordered lawmakers to redraw the map by February 15th or they would take over. Republicans were pissed and asked the Supreme Court of the United States to step in and grant them the right to keep stealing state congressional elections. The SCOTUS was having none of that and denied their petition to the court.

After the SCOTUS ruling, the GOP submitted another map to Democratic Governor Tom Wolf but the governor rejected that map as well. According to PennLive Governor Wolf released a statement saying the new map still does not meet the standards of fairness:

The analysis by my team shows that, like the 2011 map, the map submitted to my office by Republican leaders is still a gerrymander. Their map clearly seeks to benefit one political party, which is the essence of why the court found the current map to be unconstitutional.

Wolf now has the opportunity to submit his own map to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. And if an agreement is not reached by Thursday, the courts will redraw the state House of Representative lines and those will be used in the May 15 primary.

It is really sad how far Republicans are going to hold onto their power in Pennsylvania. The GOP constantly claims their our elections are sacred but then act in a way that undermines them. It’s almost like they don’t really care about our democracy at all.


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