‘These People Are Dead!’: Marco Rubio LEVELS Rex Tillerson Over Putin (VIDEO)


While most of us were wondering if Russian Towers bring golden showers and if Trump is truly a believer in “Trickle-down” economics, one of the most powerful cabinet-level positions was being debated on in the Senate. I’m referring of course to Trump’s selection of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

Tillerson, a billionaire who has worked with Exxon for a whopping 42 years, says he can’t speak on Exxon’s record on deliberately disregarding scientific reports on climate change for years and despite becoming CEO in 2006. And yet curiously enough, Tillerson has contradicted Trump and his army of morons when he said he believes in climate change and actually wishes to remain in the Paris Climate Agreement. Of course, the idea that we could applaud someone for accepting something that the entire scientific Community knew about for years is like applauding someone for recognizing the Holocaust. But that’s just how stupid and now the Republican party has gotten.

But this article deals primarily with Tillerson uncomfortably close relations with Russia and denial of Putin’s atrocious record on human rights.

During the Senate confirmation hearing for President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), refreshingly enough, aggressively questioned the former ExxonMobil CEO over his stance on Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

Tillerson, who many with more than two functioning brain cells believe will convince Trump to lift the sanctions President Obama imposed on Russia so as to secure the billionaire dollar Exxon oil deal, said he wouldn’t describe Putin as a war criminal after Rubio asked him about that. Rubio would then go on to explain all the atrocities Putin committed in Aleppo, Syria. Tillerson deflected but Rubio stayed on him.

“None of this is classified, Mr. Tillerson,” he exclaimed. “These people are dead!”

Watch the entire exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture